Selected Car Sales

Car Sales

Selling cars is only a very small part of of business. Entering the used car market can be an exciting exercise. However, it can also be an uncertain time too with the fear of falling into the wrong hands. The internet has changed the way we search out vehicles and the reputation of the selling agents. At The Garden Village Garage we only ever have a handful of cars for sale. Its not primarily what we do. However, if we we do offer for a car for sale, rest assured, it will have been owned by one of our own clients and will have been maintained and extensively tested prior to going on sale. Below are just a few images of our current stock, call us for free if you need more details on these or anything else you might want or need. We might just have a client with just the one you looking for!

Please call us 0n 0333 121 2012 if you are looking for something? or mail us at

Here is a handy link “what to look out for” when considering a nearly new car. We have pinched it from the “AA’s” site and it is a little long when reading but it is full of useful tips.

In summary, if you’re not sure or at all comfortable…walk away!