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Jaguar cars

Driving a Jaguar car sets you aside from other motorists, it should make you feel special. Elite brands like Rolex, Chanel, Bang and Olufsen are not for everybody just a select few and this is why these select brands and why your Jaguar car needs specialist service, it deserves it and so do you! Jaguar cars and their owners represent around 2% of the motoring public so you really are part of a specialist club! At The Garden Village Garage we have specialist Jaguar knowledge and know how to deal with the Jaguar customer who likes to travel first class.

Our service team deliver the highest quality service for our Jaguar clients. Our customer’s satisfaction is at the very heart of everything we do and that is why your Jaguar car should be spoilt at every visit (review some feedback here by following blue tabs) at GoogleFacebookThe Good Garage Scheme or the Approved Garage network . We would ask you to review some of these BEFORE you book or visit.

Using Hi definition video we deliver quality jargon free reports through the use of text message or email. These reports sent to smartphone, tablet or PC clearly detail every matter that needs your attention. When we are finished, we will return your car in showroom condition*. Our high standard ensures that your car again is a pleasure to drive and it is completely safe. You should always trust your car to high quality Jaguar specialist to maintain its performance, safety and value. The Garden Village Garage is committed to a first time fix every time when parts availability allows.



*Please read and understand our social distancing policy, before you book.