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Coolant Replacement

Coolant change and top ups

When you consider the temperature generated by your engine, the efficiency of the cooling system is essential to make sure your car functions properly. Coolant mixes with water in your car’s radiator, preventing it from both boiling and freezing. Without radiator coolant, your engine would overheat. This would lead to breaking down and possible engine problems.

In the winter the water in your radiator could easily freeze when your car is not being starter regularly. As a result, it makes the cooling system useless. Therefore, antifreeze/coolant is vital to make sure the cooling system works. Coolant is a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water. The coolant in your vehicle needs to be inspected and changed every 30,000 miles so it remains effective. It is recommended to check every 2 years or so.

As the majority of mechanical breakdowns tend to be caused by engines overheating, it’s also important to ensure the elements of the cooling system are working well. As well as changing the coolant, our technicians will also check the condition of your radiator, water pump and thermostat.

Regular coolant change intervals

Every car manufacturer recommends a different schedule for flushing the coolant. While we advise using your owner’s manual as a starting point, it’s perhaps more important to regularly look at the condition of the coolant. Your coolant and antifreeze components are checked during your car’s service. It  is also advisable to check your coolant levels before the start of the winter.







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